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Teaching what the Bible actually says and why it matters!


From 4 months to 2 years old. Our bilingual background-checked teachers excite young minds with songs, dances, stories and fun during the worship service at 11 am. As good stewards of the earth's resources, we use organic products to keep the nursery clean and friendly for our children and staff. The most important thing is that the children learn about Jesus through our organized lessons.

Toddler & Children's Classes

Our kids' classes emphasize Jesus in age appropriate ways so  that children understand they can trust in the Lord. Our bilingual, mastered teachers guide the children in songs and lessons during the worship service at 11 am. Children are an inheritance of the Lord, and our kids' classes emphasize the importance of God in everyone's life, no matter their age!

Happy Family
Engage Teen & Youth

Engage is a place for our youth in grades 6-12 to discover and continue growing in their faith.  We meet on Sunday nights from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM with a time of games, singing, and Bible study.  The lessons are taught only in English, but there are bilingual youth as well as adults to serve any translation needs.  Our Engage group strives to move our young generation of believers into a faith of action (James 1:22).

Music Ministry

Our bilingual music team uses their talents to worship Christ through God-centered music with Jesus as the focus of each song. We are a multi-cultural church and it is evident in our music! We offer English and Spanish translations for each song, so everyone can worship in their preferred language.

Small Groups

Our small groups have the individual in mind. Each class focuses on the specific needs of individual groups as needed in our local church so we can all love, grow, and serve together. There is something for everyone--from the person who's never heard the Gospel, to those wanting to learn more about Bible specifics. Small groups vary in meeting time and location, as well as duration. Come to our welcome table to find out more about our current available classes!

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